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Women in the Street


At FAJR FLAIR, we want every woman to glow their brightest.  

We glow brighter together

Regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, creed, ability, age or marital status - we are women, first and foremost. FAJR FLAIR's goal is for you to beam brilliantly in your own right, which should not take away from any other woman's greatness. Shine brighter together! We encourage you to not only take care of yourself, internally and externally, but also your neighboring sister.  


How do we glow better together? Here are a few ways:

     No Judgement zone! Listen to understand fellow women. Allow others to be vulnerable and authentic.

     Show Respect in each others presence and absence.

     Build each other up with positive words and actions, which impacts self esteem and self confidence. Spread goodness. No negativity!

     Support efforts, ventures, and lend a helping hand without expectation.  

     Speak kindly! Practice our "Get One, Give One" compliment technique. Give compliments to women who are being steadfast in their glow. 

     Most importantly - Celebrate, Appreciate and Uplift one another!  

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