Reclaim your light: Discover You!

If asked, “who are you?”, what would you say? We help women discover and love who they are, authentically and with style. FAJR FLAIR is solving the identity crisis of women that occurs from societal pressures, unhealthy relationships, and lack of knowledge of self and faith.


It is time to reclaim your light. When you are no longer living to please others (intentionally or unintentionally) or trying to keep up with the everchanging standards of the world, it is refreshing, and liberating! No longer are you concerned with things that are irrelevant to your life's purpose. Make the commitment to be your best, today! 

Self-Discovery Glow Intensive (3-week Program) 

There is nothing more important than "Getting to know YOU". Within 3 weeks, you will have a deeper sense of respect, awareness and love for the multi-layered, radiant woman that you are. Ready? Set. Glow!

Week 1 - Learning You

Week 2 - Reclaiming You

Week 3 - Loving You

“Sister-friend, I need to talk!” Session (As needed)

You are not alone! Need a listening ear, thought partner, cheerleader to celebrate a win, or to brainstorm solutions to a situation or problem? We’re here for you, Sis.

We look forward to being with you, wherever you are, on your self-discovery journey! 


Keep Glowing, 

Your Muslimah Sister-friend & Self-Discovery Coach 

* FAITH RENEWAL: Feeling a spiritual low - doubt, worry, etc? Has someone/something turned you off to religion? Are you trying to find peace of mind with God’s plan? Are you struggling to understand a part of your faith? Having trouble overcoming a mistake? Need someone to pray/make du’a with you? Need clarity on your life’s purpose? Are you new to Islam and need support and resources? Do you feel like you cannot show that you are Muslim in certain environments?

* STYLE & MODESTY: Need help with defining your style or bringing it to life? Do you want to be more modest, but aren’t sure how to start? Have you recently decided to wear hijab and are still getting used to it? Are you only comfortable wearing hijab in certain places? Have you removed hijab because you feel you are more beautiful or successful in life? Do you feel like hijab is an unnecessary part of having faith?

* SELF CARE: Need help developing a routine to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health? Have you poured all of yourself into a relationship and now you don’t know who you are? Is it difficult for you to forgive or let go of the past? Need help managing stress and setting boundaries?

* RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Maintaining multiple relationships, healthily: spouse, family, friends, work, etc. Want to make friends or be around women who are positive and uplifting? Need some time to talk to an adult, instead of kids? Seeking love after heartbreak? Looking for love in all the right places? I want to have fun, but everything seems haram?

* BUSINESS & CAREER: Strong faith & a successful career - can you have both? Navigating the corporate world as a woman? Transitioning careers - workplace to homefront? Workplace to entrepreneur? Business ettiquette - shaking hands, happy hours and socializing. How to network in a permissible manner? Feeling stuck in your career? How to maintain your integrity and your income? Your rights as a woman of faith in the workplace. Wearing hijab and dressing modestly in the workplace.