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FAJR FLAIR is for the woman that is not perfect. She has made mistakes in her past but is on a journey to being her amazing self and shine no matter what. She is hopeful for the future. She is learning to love, value and respect herself to the point of not letting anything or anyone steal her joy. God is at the forefront of her mind, her intentions and is her guide. She realizes it is time to step into being the woman of honor she was created to be. It is time to brighten up the world with not only her genuine smile, but her style. Reintroducing herself to everyone with a renewed spirit and FAJR FLAIR glow. 

The word fajr refers to the first sign of light after the darkness of night, or daybreak. FAJR FLAIR presents itself to illuminate the world of self-improvement and self-care. FAJR FLAIR's coaching services, educational platform and marketplace inspires women to reclaim their light. We help women identify and commit to being their best authentic self, (re)commit to their faith and show up in life, fully and stylishly. 


Live in your purpose confidently. No more aiming to gain worldly acceptance and validation from society or other people. Stay true to you and keep glowing! 



Self-Discovery   -  Faith   -  Wellness  -  Style   



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